An experienced DUI lawyer can make a difference.

harleysville pa dui lawyersEven if you already had your first court appearance known as a Preliminary Hearing it is not too late to get the help you need. Whatever your circumstances, if you are facing a DUI charge (also known as DAI or DWI), you need to see a lawyer right away. At the Law Offices of V. Erik Petersen, I have guided hundreds of people through the applicable DUI laws, and resulting hearings, negotiations, and trials. The sooner you consult me, the more I will be able to assist you. Contact me, DUI defense attorney V. Erik Petersen, to discuss your legal options in more detail.

Below are a few Drunk Driving related articles that should be extremely helpful if you or someone you know is experiencing Drunk Driving related proceedings or has been formally charged with Drunk Driving. Please click on the article name below and the article will automatically download in a word document format:

Frequently Asked Questions About Drunk Driving

Overview Of Drunk Driving